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Last Week For Market in 2019!


It’s short notice, but we’ve decided to close the market making this the last week of distribution for the season. We plan to reopen next March at the latest. We hope to see you again then!

We’ve reached a critical mass of vendors in the market to evolve it into a broad Asheville Virtual Farmers Market with all the systems and options to make for a robust, accessible and vibrant market in 2020! Please bare with us as we regroup around this concept, and again we apologize for the short notice.

Please read on if you have a credit account in the market.

1. Your credits will remain valid and usable through next season when we reopen the market (sometime around March at the latest).

2. If for any reason you need a refund on the credits you have in the market, please let me know, and we can work that out.

3. If anything changes with the status of the market reopening, please know that we will keep you informed and honor a refund for your credit account at any time.

4. If you have trade credits, those will remain viable when the market reopens. If you traded with Sunil, you can use them for his Indian Suppers or trade in other ways. Please get in touch by phone or email, to work something out.

Let me know if you have any questions,
and thank you so much for participating in the evolution of the market!