Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions:

And here are some answers:

How do I shop at this store?

To start shopping, click the “Sign In” tab above and create an account. Then you can start shopping by clicking on items and adding them to your cart. The market will be open for ordering Friday afternoon through Sunday nights.

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When and where do I pick up my order?

You will be able to choose your pickup location when you order.
We have the following options currently —

West Asheville (17 Blue Ridge Ave) – Wed 3pm – Friday 8pm
North Asheville (Montford) – Wed 3pm – Friday 8pm

East Asheville (TBD, let us know if you have suggestions for an East Asheville location)

Southside (Edington Center) – Time TBD

City Market Downtown – Sat 8am-12pm (pending, TBD)

If you would like to request a pickup location please email us at

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How do I pay?

Your first three orders are “trial orders” and you can pay when you pick up. There will be a dropbox at your pickup location where you can put a check with the name of the person who ordered (if different than the name on the check), and the date of pickup.
We cannot accept cash on pickup unless it is staffed

Payment Options (after trial period)

1. Tie a credit card to your account by clicking on the “Your Account” page.

You can pay money directly into your account and then draw down over time automatically as you order. The amount to pay is completely up to you but a 3.6% Handling Fee will be added to your payment. The amount will be charged immediately to your card on file and applied directly to your account. You will get an email confirmation of the payment. If you have any open orders, your payment will retroactively get applied to them.

If you would like to set up a pre-paid account by cash or check, you can order one through the market page (search for the “pre-paid” account options and place an order). We’ll then send you an invoice with payment information.

2. Check: Set up a prepaid account with a check by ordering a market credit account on the “Market” page. You’ll get an invoice with further payment information.

3. Credit Card: Just pay when you checkout with your card. 3.6% handling fee.

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What if I forgot to pick up my order?

At the end of the pick-up time frame, all remaining orders will be removed from the pickup location.

If you forget, please get in touch right away, and we can see if we can arrange a late pickup. There is no guarantee for a late pickup option, but the sooner you get in touch the more likely.

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How do I sell through this market?

We are wide open for more vendors to get involved and utilize this market. We hope to tie as many growers and producers together to create a one stop truly local grocery experience for the residents of Asheville.

If you grow a home garden that produces surpluses, or if you are a large scale farmer in and around Asheville, please get in touch. We want to work with you.

Email Sunil at

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Will you take my egg cartons, bags, and other containers?

We can only accept the following types of items. Please do not bring any other items as we will be forced to throw them away.

1. Egg cartons – CLEAN cartons. Stack neatly on the egg carton stack
2. Pulp containers – CLEAN containers. Stack neatly on the container stack

We cannot accept plastic bags, twist ties, rubber bands, dirty egg cartons, dirty pulp containers. Please do not return these items to us.

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What if I get something I am dissatisfied with?

If you receive an item of poor quality and you are unsatisfied, please get in touch with the vendor you ordered from directly.

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What if I forget my username or password?

If you forget your password or user name go to the Your Account page and click “I forgot my password” and enter your email address. Your user name and a new password will be emailed to you. Please do not open a second account.

Log in using the new information and then change your password to something you will remember on the Your Account page.

If this does not work please email us at

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How can I be added or removed from the email list?

A weekly email goes out to market customers reminding then that the market has opened for ordering. You may order even if you have not received this email.

To be on the market mailing list, visit the “Your Account” page and click on “create an account”.

If you have moved away and would like to be removed from the mailing list, you can remove yourself on the “Your Account” page once you have logged in. Additionally, you may click on “unsubscribe” at the bottom of an email.

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What are the fees to use this online market?

Vendors in this market include sales tax in the purchase price of your product.
The market charges a 6% market surcharge to your purchase.
This goes to fees associated with using, and administration costs of this Online Market.

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