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A bit about us: We’re Steve and Sarah, have 2 children, Avia and Ilan.

In 2012, we bought a 100 acre premaculture farm and moved to Ecuador, planned on living and work on the land, farming, making and selling products and renting cabins to tourists. We decided to rent a house in Quito so that Avia could goto high school. We tried distance school but no, the idea was to move to the farm after she’d graduate and would go to college.
Meantime Ilan was born in Ecuador. That meant it was unlikely we would ever move to the farm full-time.
Things were going well at the farm, we were building a new house, were selling products in Quito and at farmer’s markets, developing products based on all that the farm provided, much of which had been planted by the previous owner, planting more of what was already there.

It was time to decide if we were going to really live in Ecuador for long, visas, taxes, Quito or Farm, our folks back home weren’t getting any younger, so we decided to move back to the states.

About a year after arriving we were lucky to find a 7 acre place in West Asheville, it needed some work and now we’re busy doing it. About and acre is farm-able and we’ve started to plant seeds, fruit, and are excited to work with Patchwork in helping develop food sovereignty for Asheville and our families!

Organic Corn Cakes, hand-made with love in West Asheville.

Vegan and non-gmo, perfect for an instant breakfast/meal ready to eat in minutes.

For topping with your favorite Patchwork products, tomatoes, micro-greens, cheeses, etc., a healthy gluten-free. Preparation: place in toaster oven or skillet to heat up until well toasted & hot. Enjoy!

We also offer products from our farm project in Ecuador, named Fincalegre.

*Fruit leather/sheets, made from tropical fruits growing on the farm: Mix of Araza, Guayabilla, Borojo, Ginger, Banana, Panela.

*Cacao Beans, roasted organic beans from the farm. Varieties are Criollo (fino de aroma), Trinitario & Forastero.

*Ginger and Turmeric powder.

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