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We are a cooperative multi-plot urban farm in Asheville, NC.

2018 Farmstand Credits

How it works

1. Set up a pre-paid account with us by filling out our ORDER FORM

2. If you haven’t already, register in our online store by clicking the Sign In link above. You can start shopping the next time the store is open. Your account will be updated with your purchased balance at that time. Please go ahead and order even if you have a zero balance. We will make sure to update it and use it for the purchase before closing your order. Note: you may already have an account created in 2017. Let us know if you aren’t sure.

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CSA membership options

You’ll be considered a CSA member by choosing this option. This means you’ll have access to our farm dinners, workshops, and tours. We highly appreciate your upfront commitment. Credits are valid for 1 year. Fill out the form below and choose a $250 or $500 account to take this option.

Rechargeable Account

Start an account for $50 and pay a $5 admin fee ($55). Recharge the account at any time with a $25 minimum (plus $5 admin fee). Credits are valid for 1 year. To take this option, fill out the form below and choose the $50 account option). If you have purchased a veggie, herb or egg share, this is the option for you! You can get extras, and things you won’t find in your share. Admin fee is waived for CSA members. You’ll find an option in the order form for “CSA members only.”

Trial Account

(no need to fill out the order form, just register in the store by clicking the Sign in Link above.)
Visit the online store and register. You’ll have three weeks of ordering to try the store out, and pay when you pick up your order. To take this option, simply register in the online store and start shopping. After the trial period, if you would like to become a CSA member, or get a rechargeable account, You can fill out this ORDER FORM